Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Defusing "stuff!"

Even in a place where duties and abilities are limited, unlimited are the ways that "stuff" reaches you and attempts to affect you.
Will you allow it?

Peace...quiet...comfort in

the Presence of The King;
even when we sit in silence
makes the heart to sing!
He knows exactly what to do...
He knows all that we've heard...
and as He grants asylum, We
can talk without a word!

So many have "opinions" about

all that's going on,
but very few have "healing" words
that ripple on and on...
BUT GOD, but God is different--
He minds not how few the word!
His main concern while We're together:

The Perfect Peace of God my Savior

as we here commune!
It is sweet assurance that
a healing will be soon!
And He stays with me 'til that moment
it is manifest!
The quiet, healing love of God--
it is the very best!

It is the very best. 

No matter what you are going through, His peace suffices.
No matter what you have been through, His peace suffices.
No matter what is that You are yet unaware of, His peace suffices.
No matter what kind of "stuff" you had to or have to deal with, God is holding his hands open for you to give it to Him, and His arms open to hold you while He takes care of it.
Let Him.

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