Sunday, May 20, 2018


A beautiful afternoon.  But how many can see it?  The day started out as something that most consider "beautiful," but this afternoon has turned into something that most consider "not..."

A sunny morning was,

such afternoon is not!
Such glory was the song of birds,
but now, so few I've got!
A mighty storm is moving in
with warning and with wind;
but God's embrace about us IS--
it will not ever end!
He has the very elements
inside His mighty hands;
and there is o so much that not
a person understands!
But He is always in control
and He knows all the rest;
and if we lose the "better" it's
because He has the "best!"

I but pretend to understand
the weather and its ways.
But this I know: He's in control--
therefore, does He get praise!
From the placid sunrise to
the storm at eventide;
GOD--He knows about it all,
and He is on our side!

No man can tame the elements.  One Man, however, is exactly certain about what is going to happen and when!  I choose to place my trust in Him.
How about you?

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