Thursday, May 24, 2018


We invite Jesus to church...
We invite Him to weddings...
we invite Him to bless our food when we eat...
we even call on Him when there is a disaster...
When was the last time you invited Him to celebrate something else with you?

"Whenever I'm in trouble, You are there;
You look out for me due Your perfect care.
But when I am at rest, or just relaxing for awhile,
why do I not invite You there, and savor Your great smile?

O Lord, your great concern is greater than my heart can know!
Your Presence is a constancy about my life to show!
I want You in my everything, enjoying it with me!
I want You at ALL times, not just when trouble I see!"

God is everything and everywhere at all times.  Not just when You call His Name...not just when you get in trouble...not just when you see something amazing...He is with you at ALL times!  ENJOY Him that way!  For He enjoys you!

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