Wednesday, May 30, 2018


  • Blessings on you today!
  • "The beauty and wonder of the seasons." A lot of folks don't see it that way, but if you look at it with the "beauty" mindset, it is not very hard to miss! And the same goes for your fellow man.
  • So brilliant and so vibrant--
  • the glory of it all!
  • Look at all the hills and pastures
  • and hear the Maker's call!
  • God--He is at work creating
  • every wondrous sight;
  • and when you pause to notice them,
  • He takes such great delight!
  • So brilliant and so vibrant--
  • the people He creates!
  • Each of us are all the same,
  • but differ in our traits!
  • He fashioned every one of us,
  • He has our steps ordained;
  • to see this fact in everyone
  • it takes a heart that's trained!
  • And even as I write this piece,
  • He trains those very hearts!
  • Even YOU are made by Him
  • and He knows all your parts!
  • Won't You turn to Him, even now,
  • and seek His guiding hand?
  • You are created for His glory,
  • yes, you have been planned!
  • Spring is in full swing. And though it feels like the middle of summer here in Arkansas, everything is green and vibrant! Take a moment today to notice the "wonder" of the seasons, instead of dreading them...and the wonder of your fellow man. Maybe you won't dread him as much, either.
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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2018

    The Table

    The Table. How many are they that partake of it?
    How many be there that even make time for it? If only they knew of the
    wonders that Jesus provided there...
    So wonderful, the Table:
    There is something at the Table
    to EVERYONE appealing!
    But just how many make the time
    to sit down and partake?
    The Master's invitation--it
    exists, whatever wake!
    So much life at the Table
    in Him Whose honor reigns!
    A piece of bread...a cup of juice...
    such life, though, it contains!
    Take ye often of the same,
    (with much reflection though!)
    The very life that it contains
    you'll further come to know!
    "O thank you for the Bread and Drink--
    the Body and the Blood!
    So necessary in this life
    that comes in like a flood!
    Your provision--always perfect,
    always what we need!
    We see You at the Table, Lord,
    you are everything we need!"
    The sacred Communion. Periodic to some...yet always necessary! The Body
    and the Blood of Jesus are the essentials that this world needs to survive.
    Do you partake?

    Monday, May 28, 2018


    Memorial Day afternoon.  Hot, humid, silent.  The flag is not even moving, though there is a gentle whisper in the air.  I feel that gentle whisper as I walk between the markers...

    The rows and rows of "markers,"

    (or so they have been called;)
    each of them to designate
    a life beneath installed.
    But much greater than a "marker"
    that life to have become,
    a casualty of "freedom,"
    and great to be their sum!

    Some of us swell with gratitude

    when walking in this place;
    any less emotion would
    amount to sheer disgrace!
    We walk amongst the markers of
    the ones who gave their all;
    we fill with gratitude for them
    that answered duty's call!

    The rows and rows of markers--

    we honor them today
    and each day that we think of them--
    for we are free for aye!
    And honor to The Father Who
    sees to our lives each day--
    for He makes servants' hearts step up
    in times of disarray!

    WE ARE SO BLESSED TO LIVE IN AMERICA!  There are folks in this world who can only dream of the freedoms that we enjoy.  We enjoy them due the sacrifices of others--the ones that we honor on this day.


    Sunday, May 27, 2018

    Our hearts to tell

    Sunday afternoon.
    A timely, moving message from the pulpit this morning.  Now, as I reflect on the depth of this weekend, the words begin to flow...

    How many are the fallen in

    defense of this great land?
    So grateful for those brave enough
    to even take a stand!
    So many serving yet today,
    and that many know the cost;
    So grateful we for all of them--
    not all have names embossed.

    Reflect we on so many years--
    the conflicts and the wars,
    we think of all the families,
    (some yet with open sores;)
    but as we do we swell with pride
    and gratitude to rise,
    as they died for AMERICA--
    their exploits realize!

    So grateful for those now gone on
    (and for their families!)
    Were it not for their selflessness
    we would not know of these
    brave servicemen of every branch,
    of every rank, as well,
    men and women not returned--
    of them, our hearts to tell!

    Our hearts to tell.  To tell of the gratitude we have for all that they have done?  That is what SHOULD fill our hearts!!  And so it does this weekend and always as we respect and give thanks to the ones who gave their all so that we could obtain all!  THANK YOU!!

    Saturday, May 26, 2018

    Memorial 2018

    "The Greatest Generation."
    That term has been spoken of late, but this writer thinks one of the greatest generations are those who have served this country.
    We remember the ones who gave all this weekend.

    So many of my own have gone

    and did all that they could;
    so many of your own did join them,
    those able and that could;
    We celebrate them at this time
    with gratitude and thanks,
    honor and respect to add
    to those among the ranks!

    America--so very blessed

    due exploits of them all!
    The world to also benefit
    from them to heed the call!
    So many are the ranks and branches
    of this hero class;
    so heartfelt, the emotion, thinking
    of that fallen mass!

    So very, very blessed, indeed,

    for them that gave their all.
    America is possible
    'cause they obeyed the call!
    We bow in silence for them and
    we honor them today;
    we pray for them, and we cry out

    Those who gave all.  Think of them as you celebrate, and thank God that they were there to do what had to be done.


    Friday, May 25, 2018

    My Greatest Hope

    So much is there in this life to hope for.  Flippantly, we say "I sure hope ________________..." but what do you truly hold as your greatest hope?

    My greatest hope is also an assurance;

    it cannot be attained in present life!
    It is Heaven!  And it is awaiting
    after ALL, from jubilance to strife!

    My greatest hope will only have pure goodness--
    so many are looking forward to that Place!
    Gone will be all sickness and diseases,
    (one more gift of His abundant grace!

    My greatest hope: it is eternal life!
    My heart, for that sweet period, so yearns!
    I know that it is sure and soon in coming:
    the Trump will sound as Jesus Christ returns!

    My greatest hope.  I surely pray that it is YOUR greatest hope as well!  We know that it is certain because He said so; we just never know when or how soon it might be.  Just be ready!

    Thursday, May 24, 2018


    We invite Jesus to church...
    We invite Him to weddings...
    we invite Him to bless our food when we eat...
    we even call on Him when there is a disaster...
    When was the last time you invited Him to celebrate something else with you?

    "Whenever I'm in trouble, You are there;
    You look out for me due Your perfect care.
    But when I am at rest, or just relaxing for awhile,
    why do I not invite You there, and savor Your great smile?

    O Lord, your great concern is greater than my heart can know!
    Your Presence is a constancy about my life to show!
    I want You in my everything, enjoying it with me!
    I want You at ALL times, not just when trouble I see!"

    God is everything and everywhere at all times.  Not just when You call His Name...not just when you get in trouble...not just when you see something amazing...He is with you at ALL times!  ENJOY Him that way!  For He enjoys you!

    Monday, May 21, 2018

    He knows you best!

    LOOK!!  There He is!
    There has been quite a few rumors going around that He was in the area...and there He is!

    The Majesty upon display
    as Jesus walks along!
    Just the very sight of Him
    becomes a precious song!
    And as He casts His eyes this way
    I can no longer speak!
    At this, He smiles and reaches out
    and says "You are unique!"
    "I made you just the way you are;
    I know what you have done;
    I also know what you can do,
    and you've already won!
    Walk with me continually--
    you have no cause to shirk;
    there is so much we have to do--
    all things, together, work!"

    He smiles again, embracing me,

    as He goes on His way.
    For in His very countenance
    is so much on display!
    And that smile--unforgettable,
    and etched upon my soul
    as I continue on The Way
    so wealthy, healed and whole!

    And Jesus feels the same about even YOU!  He knows all that you've done and have been through...and He still loves you and wants your heart.  Don't let ANYTHING hold you back!


    Sunday, May 20, 2018


    A beautiful afternoon.  But how many can see it?  The day started out as something that most consider "beautiful," but this afternoon has turned into something that most consider "not..."

    A sunny morning was,

    such afternoon is not!
    Such glory was the song of birds,
    but now, so few I've got!
    A mighty storm is moving in
    with warning and with wind;
    but God's embrace about us IS--
    it will not ever end!
    He has the very elements
    inside His mighty hands;
    and there is o so much that not
    a person understands!
    But He is always in control
    and He knows all the rest;
    and if we lose the "better" it's
    because He has the "best!"

    I but pretend to understand
    the weather and its ways.
    But this I know: He's in control--
    therefore, does He get praise!
    From the placid sunrise to
    the storm at eventide;
    GOD--He knows about it all,
    and He is on our side!

    No man can tame the elements.  One Man, however, is exactly certain about what is going to happen and when!  I choose to place my trust in Him.
    How about you?

    Saturday, May 19, 2018

    That Song Within

    That song, that never-ending song!  It is being sung by the multitudes even now, and they are ready and set for us to join in...

    O the celebration!
    It goes on but even now!
    Resounding through the heavens with
    the awe and with the wow!
    Celebration music with
    the celebration song
    from the ones, yet numberless,
    around the Lord, to throng!

    O to be there present in
    that celebration Place!
    He sees and hears us just as well
    as we live here in grace!
    O, but in the heart there be
    desire to be there

    where the praise and adoration,
    it be everywhere!

    it be that ingrained song!
    To go as soon as possible--
    for such, the heart to long!
    Yet residing until then
    with Christ in verse and Word,
    until THAT transformation, and
    our Heaven, be occurred!

    The longing of the to be with Jesus!!  And it will happen soon, just as He promised, and we will live with Him in Paradise forever!

    Friday, May 18, 2018

    His Escape

    The world and all that it has.  Sometimes, one just has to escape for awhile to get a more firm grasp...a new outlook.  But what if such attempts seem to fall short?

    And if I cannot find escape

    unto that healing place,
    His love and grace, they seek me out
    and I look in His face!

    He loves me so much He provides
    for what this life avails,
    and even comes and takes me there
    when my own wisdom fails!

    For He is God!  He is my Father!
    Yes!  He cares this much!
    For every person, even YOU,
    He has the perfect touch!
    His love--it cannot be compared
    because He is the same;
    to know affection of this depth
    just call His Holy Name!

    Affection of such depth...but none be deeper than God's love for YOU!  Though I be a man full of words, there are not words yet known to properly describe how much He loves us!  What a wonderful Father is He!


    Tuesday, May 15, 2018

    Timeless Afternoon

    Afternoon is shining against the mountains.
    The colors of the trees are softer than they were earlier.
    Fortunately, the temp is lower than earlier, too.
    The start of a wonderful evening...

    How soft the shades of day become
    with afternoon to fade;
    how silent is the same to be
    as glory is displayed!
    The Presence of Creator God
    to savor it with me
    as I exalt His Holiness
    for all the sights that be!

    Spending precious, priceless time

    with Father God Most High--
    savoring His benefits
    as memories pass by;
    making more by visiting
    with Him without restraint;
    bound by earthly limitations,
    Father God, He ain't!

    God is immune from time.

    He is aware that this world is quite obsessed with it, so He fills Our time with glories and wonders and blessings and words that truly matter...sometimes, even without words!  What a mighty God He is!

    Saturday, May 12, 2018


    So many wonderful memories flood my heart when I hear that word.  I pray that it is the same with you!  Some of us have mothers that have moved on to wait for us in Heaven.  Some of us are still enjoying mom here.  Whatever be your case, make sure she gets proper recognition as we celebrate today!

    How many years has she been gone?
    But is she really, though?
    With memories yet so alive,
    the poet cries out "NO!"
    So gifted is this man BY GOD
    for all the years I had
    loving her and being loved--
    what special "mom" I had!!

    But a special "mom" retain I still
    with every day to pass.
    She taught us kids so very much--
    the memories amass!
    Always there to care for us,
    to cook for us, to clean...
    O, that everyone alive
    could know just what I mean!

    "Mother--" God's so precious blessing
    unto this man's life!
    I watched...I learned....I yet succeed
    do to my father's wife!
    I pray that I be her example
    to mine and to others.
    God gifted us with special angels,
    and He called them "mothers!"

    And to this day I still miss her!  I miss calling her several times each week, regardless what distance existed.  Just the sound of her voice made that distance disappear,  and the wisdom she exuded yet lives to this day!
    I love you, momma!

    Thursday, May 3, 2018

    His Charisma

    A long day.  Finally, a table all alone.  Though it is a busy place, I can't help notice another man at a table alone.  He's watching.  Folks are stopping now and then and talking and smiling with Him...

    Sitting in a crowded room,

    staring at a man;
    noticing His eyes as they,
    upon each person, scan...
    noticing, in countenance,
    the genuine concern;
    love and good in everyone,
    His very eyes, discern.
    He glances so at everyone
    as they go walking by.
    At some of them, His very eyes
    seem like they're going to cry!
    I notice, though, with everyone
    that stops and talks to Him,
    in His face there's such concern
    for every one of them!
    In His eyes I see a love
    that never could be feigned.
    I've noticed it's a love that doesn't
    have to be "obtained."
    Just the very sight of Him
    does make me warm inside;
    and something inside me is crying
    to be at His side!
    I'm drawn to Him by that very
    love He's showing all;
    it seems as though His very Being,
    unto mine, does call!

    It's getting late.  The crowd's thinned out.
    I must go see this Man!
    There are so few left in the place
    that, finally, I can;
    and now I recognize Him as
    We stand there, all alone,
    as I feel, as He shakes my hand,
    the nail-prints in His Own!

    Ever been in a crowd and see someone and feel that you just must go try to meet them?  Don't ignore that!  The person just might have something to do with your whole life!

    Wednesday, May 2, 2018

    Defusing "stuff!"

    Even in a place where duties and abilities are limited, unlimited are the ways that "stuff" reaches you and attempts to affect you.
    Will you allow it?

    Peace...quiet...comfort in

    the Presence of The King;
    even when we sit in silence
    makes the heart to sing!
    He knows exactly what to do...
    He knows all that we've heard...
    and as He grants asylum, We
    can talk without a word!

    So many have "opinions" about

    all that's going on,
    but very few have "healing" words
    that ripple on and on...
    BUT GOD, but God is different--
    He minds not how few the word!
    His main concern while We're together:

    The Perfect Peace of God my Savior

    as we here commune!
    It is sweet assurance that
    a healing will be soon!
    And He stays with me 'til that moment
    it is manifest!
    The quiet, healing love of God--
    it is the very best!

    It is the very best. 

    No matter what you are going through, His peace suffices.
    No matter what you have been through, His peace suffices.
    No matter what is that You are yet unaware of, His peace suffices.
    No matter what kind of "stuff" you had to or have to deal with, God is holding his hands open for you to give it to Him, and His arms open to hold you while He takes care of it.
    Let Him.

    Tuesday, May 1, 2018


    Starting the day.
    But before I do, I am halted by the glory of the day and caused to take note of Him Who is right beside me and what He's done!

    The breeze is very hearty as
    the day begins to form;
    God the father has designed it--
    be it sun or storm;
    but in the the sunlight...
    in the able breeze
    there is peace that passes all
    that sets the heart at ease!

    Blessed be that precious time
    that's set aside at first.
    If I were to neglect Him
    it might be a day accursed!
    But not this morning, as I once
    again walk hand-in-hand
    with the Author of all time
    and Maker of the land!

    O that time would halt for just
    a while for to enjoy
    the day that He created and
    His Presence --never coy!
    The conversation candid of
    what is and what will be
    diffuses every thought of

    Is this how YOU start your day?  Good for you!!  It's not?!  Perhaps it should be so that your day can be smoother and You can recognize His Presence and the way things are only Jesus can!  (And does!)