Tuesday, April 24, 2018


One little boy. 
Walking freely through the crowded restaurant.  Stopping at each table. 
I was concerned for the guests who come there to have a quiet cup of coffee and read the paper.  
I'd seen enough! 
I slowly walked up behind him and caught a sample of what he was telling my customers.  I have done this on many occasions over the years as I would find kids asking for money or, worse, going from car-to-car in drive-thru doing the same thing. 
Not this time. 
As I listened to what he was telling folks, I had to duck back into the kitchen and wipe my tears.  All he was doing was going from table to table smiling and telling the guests that they were special! 
Who was this kid?!
A better question: Who am I to judge an innocent and necessary brush of an angel's wings?

A world now so advanced.

so complicated, too.
Too fast for common courtesy
or a smile or two!
Must it take regression to
return to simpler days?
Why is it "near-disaster" to
adjust our settled ways?

A little child in a busy world--

too busy to pay heed.
A 6yr old, so wise that he
could meet the deepest need?
Yes!  I saw it for myself
amidst the daily rush!
The uttermost simplicity
to bring such healing hush!

Think about it.  Who did you have no time for today? 

"Father, please forgive me."

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