Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Everywhere you go, you pass a truck or a train.  (Or they pass you!)  What do you think they are hauling?  Stuff to make your lives more comfortable...

A debt of gratitude to them

that drive the trucks and trains
as they traverse the mountains,
cross the deserts and the plains,
delivering goods and services
to each and every one;
some of them call it "labor," while
some others call it "fun."
Whatever they would call it, we
appreciate them all.
Doing what they do--for it
is a most needed call!
There is danger upon every road,
the same on every track;
their loved ones pray each time they leave
that they will make it back!

May we give thanks and say a prayer

for each of them also.
Without them, there is oh so much
that we would just not know:
those many goods and services
that we, for granted, take!
Yes, lift each of them unto God,
He guard them for our sake!

Every one of us is affected by a trucker or an engineer.  Not so?  Just look around your house...look inside your cupboards...how do you think all that got to the store for you to purchase?  Pray for every one of them!


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