Sunday, April 15, 2018

Total trust!

God is so good.
Jesus is so merciful!
Holy Spirit is so amazing!
And they are all One, working together in my life.  In our lives!

"You are so very good to us,
no matter what appears;
You offer us a place to drop off
all our doubts and fears;
You give to us security,
and blest assurance calm;
all the while securing us
inside Your mighty palm!

O God, You are so very good,
and THAT but all the time!
You have a settled path for each,
with reason and with rhyme.
And when there be no rhyme or reason,
we would then yet trust!
Your love and care for us, oh Lord,
it cannot be discussed!"

Sure, God is alive and working in our lives as we are dedicated to Him in service.  However, sometimes life seems "overwhelming."  That's when we throw our arms up in the air....and wrap them around Him, because EVEN THEN He is in complete control!

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