Sunday, April 29, 2018

The edge of the Water

Busy...busy...busy...still!  If this pattern is going to change, it has to be intentional!

"Lord, please take me to the water's edge

where stress and trials are not.
For a time, of 'situations,'
my fill I have got!
I know Your peace is waiting there,
I know Your hand awaits;
and I do not have to get there
through 'complicated' gates!

Waves that roll so gently and
a breeze that does not cease....

no one there to tell me what
I can or can't release...
Someone there, however, with
an ear and an embrace!
I'm going to the water's edge
so I can see Your face!"

What perfect gift: the shoreline and
the never-ending coast!
It is a creation of which
only God could boast!
And He is waiting there for me
as long as I desire!
The placid and the panoramic--
He owns the entire!

It seems that life gets faster and more complicated every day.  To adjust that truth takes effort...intentional effort on our part!  Will you defy the hurry and set your steps deliberately toward Him?  He's got everything you need...especially rest and an embrace!

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