Monday, April 16, 2018

THAT kind of day

Still again this evening.
Early enough yet to see nothing moving.  Nothing but Holy Spirit in His mysterious ways!

So welcome in this place!

Abounding with such grace!
God.  Himself--all Three,
He comes to visit me!

Everything to set aside

with pleasure at this time;
His Majesty to tarry here--
so highly favored I'm!
Nothing else of more import
than being with my Lord!
It is time that, anytime,
I always can afford!

Whatever is the topic of

the words that we exchange,
it is worthy of whatever
I must rearrange!
He is worthy of whatever
it make take to meet--
for in the fullness of His Presence
I am made complete!

Visiting with God my Father

as the day winds down.
Who am I to know such wealth
by visiting The Crown?!
Who am I?  I am His son!
And He is always near,
assuring me that I am His,
and He holds me so dear!

What a precious visitation in the cool of the evening!  What a way to end the day!  He saw the kind of day that it was, and He chose to make His Presence known as I reflected on what to write.

I am so blessed!  WE are so blessed!

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