Sunday, April 8, 2018

That Beautiful Name!!

There is a Name so beautiful that volumes and volumes of songs have been written about it!
There is a Name so powerful that the powers of darkness shudder and scatter at its sound!
Do you know that blessed Name?

"Blessed be Your Name, oh Lord!

O, blessed be Your song!
Your melody--it shall escort me
all of living long!
And even when this life is not
and we are at Your side,
that melody shall even live
that You be glorified!

Yes, blessed be Your Name, oh Lord,
all other names, above!
We sing it from the heart because
we know of Your great love!
No other love could e'er contain
the healing and the grace!
No other name above, below,
or in this present place!

O blessed be Your Name, oh Lord!
I love to sing it out!
There is new life inside me--that
is what You're all about!
And there is life ahead of us
throughout eternity
as long as we cling to that Name--
new life for such as we!"

Oh, the Name of Jesus!  Say it...sing it...shout it!  It's the Name above all names, and He shall be our banner as the ages roll along!

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