Friday, April 20, 2018

That Basic Place

Every now and then we must get back to basics to simply just focus, to stay "grounded."

Visiting with God my Father,
in the quiet place;
savoring the silence, and
the wonder of His grace!
Once again to give, receive,
and walk with Him alone;
looking oft into His face
to see His smile alone.

So very healing, this location
that is never far.
He keeps a time allotted for me
with His door ajar!
He welcomes me with open arms
and understanding eyes,
and that smile He always has--
that ALL could realize!

Yes, realize that special place
He sets aside for YOU!
Jesus knows about your day
and all that you go through!
Therefore does He avail Himself,
his love and His great peace;
so you will have at least ONE Place
where you can just "release."

This world and the speed of life are not going to slow down for you to catch your breath.  That takes intentional effort on your part.  It is well worth it, and it has a place!


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