Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Starting well. Ending well.

Starting well.  Ending well.
Can you say that about your day?  Can I say that about my day?
This morning, I could not see what I see now or look back on.  I could see a beautiful new day filled with new opportunities.  Did such a day come to pass?  Hmm...

Evening once more.
What is retrospect for?
Antagonize?  Intimidate?
NO!  It's cause to celebrate!
For though not every plan went through,
I thank God for what I could do!
For He has higher, better ways,
and let's me take part in those days!

So if this day has come and gone

and you still have things you're waiting on,
rejoice for that which you COULD do--
there aren't too many just like you!

You are special.

You are exclusive in the eyes of God, and He knows the plans that He has for you.  They are good plans, and they have an established goal!  The goal you reached at the end of your day may not have been the goal you set this morning, but, in God's economy, you succeeded greatly!

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