Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Starting out

First thing after getting out of bed.  Look out the window.  What do I see and how does it affect the plans for this day?

The dew intimidates--I must go on...

opportunity--it will be gone!
I must sow and water while it's light
if I am to know the Lord's delight!

But is that the only reason, though?
I look so deep within and cry out "NO!!"
For I want them to know that joy and peace
that, constantly, my Father would release!
For He is all around me all the while.
And even though, at times, He just might smile,
there is a whole wide world lost and dying;
and I, for Him, refuse to attempt trying!

Though oh so many "things" intimidate,

I can't ignore that Call so very great.
For it is carried out as we just "live;"
so I will go through life and ever "give!"

And you?  I know so many folks who are going through life...but not LIVING!  Wake up!  Look in the mirror!  Is what you are doing as you go through the day benefiting anyone?  Benefiting God?


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