Tuesday, April 3, 2018


God's Word.  The Bible.  In our world of business and busyness, it has become something we look into "if we have time."  However, The Bible is a Person, and intended to be visited with at least every day!  Are you able to handle that?

Your Word, o Lord, it is a lamp

unto my very feet!
It is a light unto my path--
the trek I may complete!
I do not have to wander 'round
not knowing where to go...
I do not have to blindly walk--
Your guidance I to know!

Your Word, o Lord, it is a guide
that cannot misdirect!
In following its every word,
my path shall be correct!
It may not be the quickest path,
the safest or the straight,
but, pressing on, I know that, with You,
I shall celebrate!

Your Word--and constant Presence, Lord;
sufficient for this man!
I know You've ordered every step,
You have a settled Plan!
And I shall cling to You, my Lord,
but all along The Way;
I shall arrive victorious
because You are my Stay!

God's Word.  The Bible.  It contains all that we need to succeed in this life and the next.  However, it requires great commitment on our part...commitment that some are not able to commit to.  Can you handle such a regimen?

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