Monday, April 2, 2018

Pure Joy!

Joy.  Pure joy.
Upon what does your joy depend?  That PURE joy?
Many things happen in this life...
Many things go on in this world...
Many things... things that attempt to rob us of "pure" joy.
Is there a way to stop that?

"Oh Lord, You are the joy in life
that nothing can affect!
Situations come and go,
Your joy, it goes unchecked.
You are the Joy so deep within
that this world cannot reach!
You are the Joy for anyone
that would, such joy, beseech!

Your joy--it causes me to shout!
It causes me to serve!
It causes me to realize
it's more than I deserve!
It causes me to glorify You,
causes me to sing!
That joy--it verifies the fact
that You are Everything!

O Lord, that I would spread Your Joy
but all throughout the earth!
So many trials constantly,
but You assure our worth
by causing joy unspeakable
and full of glory, too,
to well up in the lives of Yours
and spread to lives anew!"

Jesus Christ is pure Joy!  Constant Joy.  Joy that cannot be removed by trial...touched by sickness...affected by anything in this place.  Do we have those things?  Of course!  But they do not have to govern or dictate Jesus' joy!
Belong to Jesus.  Let Him govern everything in your life!  He is heart-felt Joy!

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