Thursday, April 5, 2018

Our motivation

What motivates us to love God?  (Of course, we can only truly ask and answer that IF we truly love Him!)
Thank about something...

"Love, o God, it motivates

Your every word and deed--
for that is why You care about
mine every want and need.
You love us, even though there's no way
we have to repay!
You look beyond our ways and means
and bless us anyway!
You love us and accept us, Father,
even as we are;
(but if You left us in that state
we would not get too far!)
Therefore You love so much that You
help us be more like You,
causing our own hearts to change,
that we become brand new!

We have no way to pay the debt

Your kindness has amassed,
thus You forgive the debt we owe
in Your love--o so vast!
So we exalt You, worship You,
and serve with our whole heart--
that is the only thing that we
can do, Lord, for our part!"

Are you doing your part?  Are you loving and serving God as best you can?  It's not that hard.  Some will tell you it's not that easy, but after serving Him for awhile and seeing
how God responds to that it will become a pleasure to serve and love Him!  Trust me!

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