Thursday, April 12, 2018

Morning after evening

Morning after evening after
day that went so long!
Not ever had a day that seemed
that everything went wrong!
Far from home and taking care of
things of great import...
but morning's here--it's beautiful--
and God is in my court!

He speaks to me in gentle breezes

'cross the morning hills...
I hear His voice in rippling waters
of the constant rills...
I see His face but everywhere
that I may cast my eyes...
He's here and causing all of life
to briefly harmonize!

All of life of yesterday--
it's hustle and its hurry--
is set aside as morning brings
God's joy instead of worry!
Take hold of it with both your hands
and live it to the full!
And let no thing of yesterday
have you inside its pull!

A long day.   A restful night.  And now, a fresh, new opportunity...a clean slate...a blank canvas for us to make a brand new day.  Take Jesus by the hand and have Him show you how to do it successfully!

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