Sunday, April 22, 2018

Life Time

It affects all of life as we know it.
There is, however, life that remains unaffected by time.  Some have reached it, the rest of us have not.
Until then, time goes on...

Time--it passes without notice--

and "under-cover" thief!
Seldom, would it seem, that
any of us have relief!
But there are ways to thwart the scheme
that this life has devised,
but it takes effort on our part
and we must be most-wise!
We must endeavor to ENJOY
the time with which we're blessed!
To savor this world beautiful--
as we are but a guest!
Enjoy it daily with The One
Who is immune from time!
For He can lessen the 'effects,"
making life sublime!

I know there are those moments that

are far from the "sublime!
And situations daily without
reason, without rhyme;
but Jesus with You through it all
somehow reflects the blow!
And "living" through each situation
you will come to know!

Life is not perfect.  But it is still good!  As long as you have time to spend in this life--try to enjoy it!

If nothing else, just do your best while thinking of that Perfect life that is beyond time.  Is there a place there reserved for you?

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