Tuesday, April 17, 2018

God of Variety!

Each day has such variety.  Each day has such variety within it.  And each day varies for each person.  However, there is one constant in this life that each person can depend on: the faithfulness of God!

"You are so very faithful, Lord--

always and constantly!
Yet each new day Your mercies are
anew to such as we!
We look at that which you create:
it changed from yesterday!
Lord, what can I say?!

You are faithful, You surprise us

as the moments pass!
The glories of Your Majesty
they constantly amass!
And them that would deny such truth,
they've never truly met
the God Who is alive and well,
whose faithfulness we get!"

Get to know God!  Get to know Him Whose mercies are new every morning!  He so desires to have a relationship with you so He can help you with your life and reveal all the marvelous wonders that comprise Him...each and every moment!


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