Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Constant Song of Thanks!

Have you got one of those?  The words are so easy to find.  They do, however, sometimes take effort to sing.  They are worth it, though.  HE is worth it!

Gratitude that makes me sing
a song above the fray...
thankfulness that permeates
in spite of any day...
"thanks," it be a state of heart
(and a decision, too!)
it is a precious gift from God
that life cannot break through!

Yes, once again, that blessed song
that permeates so deep.
It comes from Him alive therein,
my heart and soul to keep!
I am so very thankful for Him--
NOT just all He brings!
For all my life, (and that beyond,)
to Him, my living sings!

And He is so worthy of that song!
That song of thanks that you never have to search for words for...
that song of thanks that always comes with its own melody...
that song of thanks that edifies and elevates Him--JESUS CHRIST!
Yes, I am so thankful for that song...AND FOR HIM!!

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