Saturday, April 7, 2018


Going into the third week of Spring...and it snowed last night!  I'm glad I didn't plant anything!  Praying this morning for all the folks who did...all while enjoying the beauty of it!

A gentle coat of white has covered
all the land today...
a treat unto the eyes, the blessed
wonder on display!
The birds--they even have a song
so early on this morn!
It doesn't seem to bother them,
that, in the nighttime, born.

Not to stress the writer either,
as the words begin.
Just a few, the cancellations,
so that I stay in
and enjoy it with my Father
Who brought this about;
I know not how long it will last,

however, I won't pout!

Surprises.  Every day contains them.  How do we react to them?  The answer to that often determines their outcome.
Are you so secure that you can handle it if God rearranges your schedules, plans and times?  He is awfully good at doing that!

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