Saturday, April 28, 2018


Each of us go through things every day.  And I know that each of us have folks in or around our lives that have an opinion on how to go through it!  Of course, God's way is best, but we must KNOW HIS WORD to discern who knows what!

I do not know the path you're on,
the road that you have taken...
I don't know why you celebrate
or why you have been shaken...
I will listen to you for
as long as it may take,
but if I judge you or condemn you,
consider me a fake!

Any advice I have for you
should rhyme with that of God!
He has the perfect answers and,
your life, does He applaud!
He will direct you sometimes, though,
through words He gives to me;
but YOU must verify them with
the Father Who is Three!

So many will approach you with

the way that You should go;
BUT GOD--He is secure within,
and HIS path, He will show!
Take heed to words that come your way,
but weigh them with The Word;
for only then, upon your path,
be victory occurred!

God knows what you are going through.  He knows exactly how it will turn out.  "He knows the plans He has for you..." according to His Word!  Many well-meaning people also think that they have the right plan for you.  Know God's voice and know His Word so that you can know the source of those who are "well-meaning!"


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