Friday, April 13, 2018

Blessed man...again!

God is so good!  That is a settled fact.  If it is not a settled fact in your life, I implore you to talk to Him and to others about it!
So good to provide loving friends who care about the issues, concerns and details of your life.  We meet with such folk at the restaurant when I am taken to work.  They care, and they allow God to work through them!

Morning once again with them
that God has drawn so near;
we know them...and they know us, too!
They are so very dear!
They know because they ask about us,
caring how we are;
such a blest relationship
goes very, very far!

And it is God we thank for such folks--

He has placed them there!
So special and so beautiful--
they are not everywhere!
Hang on to the ones in your lives;
take care of that bond!
Cultivate it constantly
and hearts will sure respond!

Roger, Bonnie, Lee & Josie.  Four incredible people that God uses in amazing ways.

Get to know the people that He puts into your lives and learn what blessings they really are!

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