Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blessed Man

Focus yet again.
Several days of so much "stuff" and I must return to that secret place.
There is focus, reality and restoration!

That Secret Place once more;
I know what it is for!
It truly is a gift,
that brings much-needed lift!
Have you that secret place?
He supplies it in His grace.

Draw into Him some more--
just some of what He's for!

Home again after three days all packed into one!  Too many things to do involving too many folks who don't seem to care and don't seem to try to understand!  Fortunately, I have a help-meet to get me where I am going and helping me say what must be said.
Yes, God, in His infinite wisdom, knew I would need a wife that could juggle the needs of us both.  I am a very, very blessed man to have Debby!

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