Monday, April 9, 2018


As we go about the day, how many "wonders and miracles" catch our eye or affect our lives?  That depends on what one deems "wonders and miracles!"

So many are the wonders that
are in this wondrous life--
the same, they are from God most High,
Whose handiwork be rife!
As we look for "spectacular"
as we go through the day,
we often miss the miracles
but all along the way!

So tend unto the "little things"
we often overlook.
There are so many from Him we
could keep a constant book!
And numberless the pages of
the volumes He would make!
Wondrous God and all His wonders--
all for His Name's sake!

The touch of God is almost everywhere you look.  No matter how intelligent man becomes, there are still wonders in this life that only God can create!  Therefore, let us glorify and magnify Him as He reveals them!


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