Sunday, April 29, 2018

The edge of the Water

Busy...busy...busy...still!  If this pattern is going to change, it has to be intentional!

"Lord, please take me to the water's edge

where stress and trials are not.
For a time, of 'situations,'
my fill I have got!
I know Your peace is waiting there,
I know Your hand awaits;
and I do not have to get there
through 'complicated' gates!

Waves that roll so gently and
a breeze that does not cease....

no one there to tell me what
I can or can't release...
Someone there, however, with
an ear and an embrace!
I'm going to the water's edge
so I can see Your face!"

What perfect gift: the shoreline and
the never-ending coast!
It is a creation of which
only God could boast!
And He is waiting there for me
as long as I desire!
The placid and the panoramic--
He owns the entire!

It seems that life gets faster and more complicated every day.  To adjust that truth takes effort...intentional effort on our part!  Will you defy the hurry and set your steps deliberately toward Him?  He's got everything you need...especially rest and an embrace!

Saturday, April 28, 2018


Each of us go through things every day.  And I know that each of us have folks in or around our lives that have an opinion on how to go through it!  Of course, God's way is best, but we must KNOW HIS WORD to discern who knows what!

I do not know the path you're on,
the road that you have taken...
I don't know why you celebrate
or why you have been shaken...
I will listen to you for
as long as it may take,
but if I judge you or condemn you,
consider me a fake!

Any advice I have for you
should rhyme with that of God!
He has the perfect answers and,
your life, does He applaud!
He will direct you sometimes, though,
through words He gives to me;
but YOU must verify them with
the Father Who is Three!

So many will approach you with

the way that You should go;
BUT GOD--He is secure within,
and HIS path, He will show!
Take heed to words that come your way,
but weigh them with The Word;
for only then, upon your path,
be victory occurred!

God knows what you are going through.  He knows exactly how it will turn out.  "He knows the plans He has for you..." according to His Word!  Many well-meaning people also think that they have the right plan for you.  Know God's voice and know His Word so that you can know the source of those who are "well-meaning!"


Tuesday, April 24, 2018


One little boy. 
Walking freely through the crowded restaurant.  Stopping at each table. 
I was concerned for the guests who come there to have a quiet cup of coffee and read the paper.  
I'd seen enough! 
I slowly walked up behind him and caught a sample of what he was telling my customers.  I have done this on many occasions over the years as I would find kids asking for money or, worse, going from car-to-car in drive-thru doing the same thing. 
Not this time. 
As I listened to what he was telling folks, I had to duck back into the kitchen and wipe my tears.  All he was doing was going from table to table smiling and telling the guests that they were special! 
Who was this kid?!
A better question: Who am I to judge an innocent and necessary brush of an angel's wings?

A world now so advanced.

so complicated, too.
Too fast for common courtesy
or a smile or two!
Must it take regression to
return to simpler days?
Why is it "near-disaster" to
adjust our settled ways?

A little child in a busy world--

too busy to pay heed.
A 6yr old, so wise that he
could meet the deepest need?
Yes!  I saw it for myself
amidst the daily rush!
The uttermost simplicity
to bring such healing hush!

Think about it.  Who did you have no time for today? 

"Father, please forgive me."

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Life Time

It affects all of life as we know it.
There is, however, life that remains unaffected by time.  Some have reached it, the rest of us have not.
Until then, time goes on...

Time--it passes without notice--

and "under-cover" thief!
Seldom, would it seem, that
any of us have relief!
But there are ways to thwart the scheme
that this life has devised,
but it takes effort on our part
and we must be most-wise!
We must endeavor to ENJOY
the time with which we're blessed!
To savor this world beautiful--
as we are but a guest!
Enjoy it daily with The One
Who is immune from time!
For He can lessen the 'effects,"
making life sublime!

I know there are those moments that

are far from the "sublime!
And situations daily without
reason, without rhyme;
but Jesus with You through it all
somehow reflects the blow!
And "living" through each situation
you will come to know!

Life is not perfect.  But it is still good!  As long as you have time to spend in this life--try to enjoy it!

If nothing else, just do your best while thinking of that Perfect life that is beyond time.  Is there a place there reserved for you?

Friday, April 20, 2018

That Basic Place

Every now and then we must get back to basics to simply just focus, to stay "grounded."

Visiting with God my Father,
in the quiet place;
savoring the silence, and
the wonder of His grace!
Once again to give, receive,
and walk with Him alone;
looking oft into His face
to see His smile alone.

So very healing, this location
that is never far.
He keeps a time allotted for me
with His door ajar!
He welcomes me with open arms
and understanding eyes,
and that smile He always has--
that ALL could realize!

Yes, realize that special place
He sets aside for YOU!
Jesus knows about your day
and all that you go through!
Therefore does He avail Himself,
his love and His great peace;
so you will have at least ONE Place
where you can just "release."

This world and the speed of life are not going to slow down for you to catch your breath.  That takes intentional effort on your part.  It is well worth it, and it has a place!


Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Starting well. Ending well.

Starting well.  Ending well.
Can you say that about your day?  Can I say that about my day?
This morning, I could not see what I see now or look back on.  I could see a beautiful new day filled with new opportunities.  Did such a day come to pass?  Hmm...

Evening once more.
What is retrospect for?
Antagonize?  Intimidate?
NO!  It's cause to celebrate!
For though not every plan went through,
I thank God for what I could do!
For He has higher, better ways,
and let's me take part in those days!

So if this day has come and gone

and you still have things you're waiting on,
rejoice for that which you COULD do--
there aren't too many just like you!

You are special.

You are exclusive in the eyes of God, and He knows the plans that He has for you.  They are good plans, and they have an established goal!  The goal you reached at the end of your day may not have been the goal you set this morning, but, in God's economy, you succeeded greatly!

Starting out

First thing after getting out of bed.  Look out the window.  What do I see and how does it affect the plans for this day?

The dew intimidates--I must go on...

opportunity--it will be gone!
I must sow and water while it's light
if I am to know the Lord's delight!

But is that the only reason, though?
I look so deep within and cry out "NO!!"
For I want them to know that joy and peace
that, constantly, my Father would release!
For He is all around me all the while.
And even though, at times, He just might smile,
there is a whole wide world lost and dying;
and I, for Him, refuse to attempt trying!

Though oh so many "things" intimidate,

I can't ignore that Call so very great.
For it is carried out as we just "live;"
so I will go through life and ever "give!"

And you?  I know so many folks who are going through life...but not LIVING!  Wake up!  Look in the mirror!  Is what you are doing as you go through the day benefiting anyone?  Benefiting God?


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

God of Variety!

Each day has such variety.  Each day has such variety within it.  And each day varies for each person.  However, there is one constant in this life that each person can depend on: the faithfulness of God!

"You are so very faithful, Lord--

always and constantly!
Yet each new day Your mercies are
anew to such as we!
We look at that which you create:
it changed from yesterday!
Lord, what can I say?!

You are faithful, You surprise us

as the moments pass!
The glories of Your Majesty
they constantly amass!
And them that would deny such truth,
they've never truly met
the God Who is alive and well,
whose faithfulness we get!"

Get to know God!  Get to know Him Whose mercies are new every morning!  He so desires to have a relationship with you so He can help you with your life and reveal all the marvelous wonders that comprise Him...each and every moment!


Monday, April 16, 2018

THAT kind of day

Still again this evening.
Early enough yet to see nothing moving.  Nothing but Holy Spirit in His mysterious ways!

So welcome in this place!

Abounding with such grace!
God.  Himself--all Three,
He comes to visit me!

Everything to set aside

with pleasure at this time;
His Majesty to tarry here--
so highly favored I'm!
Nothing else of more import
than being with my Lord!
It is time that, anytime,
I always can afford!

Whatever is the topic of

the words that we exchange,
it is worthy of whatever
I must rearrange!
He is worthy of whatever
it make take to meet--
for in the fullness of His Presence
I am made complete!

Visiting with God my Father

as the day winds down.
Who am I to know such wealth
by visiting The Crown?!
Who am I?  I am His son!
And He is always near,
assuring me that I am His,
and He holds me so dear!

What a precious visitation in the cool of the evening!  What a way to end the day!  He saw the kind of day that it was, and He chose to make His Presence known as I reflected on what to write.

I am so blessed!  WE are so blessed!

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Total trust!

God is so good.
Jesus is so merciful!
Holy Spirit is so amazing!
And they are all One, working together in my life.  In our lives!

"You are so very good to us,
no matter what appears;
You offer us a place to drop off
all our doubts and fears;
You give to us security,
and blest assurance calm;
all the while securing us
inside Your mighty palm!

O God, You are so very good,
and THAT but all the time!
You have a settled path for each,
with reason and with rhyme.
And when there be no rhyme or reason,
we would then yet trust!
Your love and care for us, oh Lord,
it cannot be discussed!"

Sure, God is alive and working in our lives as we are dedicated to Him in service.  However, sometimes life seems "overwhelming."  That's when we throw our arms up in the air....and wrap them around Him, because EVEN THEN He is in complete control!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Blessed man...again!

God is so good!  That is a settled fact.  If it is not a settled fact in your life, I implore you to talk to Him and to others about it!
So good to provide loving friends who care about the issues, concerns and details of your life.  We meet with such folk at the restaurant when I am taken to work.  They care, and they allow God to work through them!

Morning once again with them
that God has drawn so near;
we know them...and they know us, too!
They are so very dear!
They know because they ask about us,
caring how we are;
such a blest relationship
goes very, very far!

And it is God we thank for such folks--

He has placed them there!
So special and so beautiful--
they are not everywhere!
Hang on to the ones in your lives;
take care of that bond!
Cultivate it constantly
and hearts will sure respond!

Roger, Bonnie, Lee & Josie.  Four incredible people that God uses in amazing ways.

Get to know the people that He puts into your lives and learn what blessings they really are!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blessed Man

Focus yet again.
Several days of so much "stuff" and I must return to that secret place.
There is focus, reality and restoration!

That Secret Place once more;
I know what it is for!
It truly is a gift,
that brings much-needed lift!
Have you that secret place?
He supplies it in His grace.

Draw into Him some more--
just some of what He's for!

Home again after three days all packed into one!  Too many things to do involving too many folks who don't seem to care and don't seem to try to understand!  Fortunately, I have a help-meet to get me where I am going and helping me say what must be said.
Yes, God, in His infinite wisdom, knew I would need a wife that could juggle the needs of us both.  I am a very, very blessed man to have Debby!

Morning after evening

Morning after evening after
day that went so long!
Not ever had a day that seemed
that everything went wrong!
Far from home and taking care of
things of great import...
but morning's here--it's beautiful--
and God is in my court!

He speaks to me in gentle breezes

'cross the morning hills...
I hear His voice in rippling waters
of the constant rills...
I see His face but everywhere
that I may cast my eyes...
He's here and causing all of life
to briefly harmonize!

All of life of yesterday--
it's hustle and its hurry--
is set aside as morning brings
God's joy instead of worry!
Take hold of it with both your hands
and live it to the full!
And let no thing of yesterday
have you inside its pull!

A long day.   A restful night.  And now, a fresh, new opportunity...a clean slate...a blank canvas for us to make a brand new day.  Take Jesus by the hand and have Him show you how to do it successfully!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Everywhere you go, you pass a truck or a train.  (Or they pass you!)  What do you think they are hauling?  Stuff to make your lives more comfortable...

A debt of gratitude to them

that drive the trucks and trains
as they traverse the mountains,
cross the deserts and the plains,
delivering goods and services
to each and every one;
some of them call it "labor," while
some others call it "fun."
Whatever they would call it, we
appreciate them all.
Doing what they do--for it
is a most needed call!
There is danger upon every road,
the same on every track;
their loved ones pray each time they leave
that they will make it back!

May we give thanks and say a prayer

for each of them also.
Without them, there is oh so much
that we would just not know:
those many goods and services
that we, for granted, take!
Yes, lift each of them unto God,
He guard them for our sake!

Every one of us is affected by a trucker or an engineer.  Not so?  Just look around your house...look inside your do you think all that got to the store for you to purchase?  Pray for every one of them!


Monday, April 9, 2018


As we go about the day, how many "wonders and miracles" catch our eye or affect our lives?  That depends on what one deems "wonders and miracles!"

So many are the wonders that
are in this wondrous life--
the same, they are from God most High,
Whose handiwork be rife!
As we look for "spectacular"
as we go through the day,
we often miss the miracles
but all along the way!

So tend unto the "little things"
we often overlook.
There are so many from Him we
could keep a constant book!
And numberless the pages of
the volumes He would make!
Wondrous God and all His wonders--
all for His Name's sake!

The touch of God is almost everywhere you look.  No matter how intelligent man becomes, there are still wonders in this life that only God can create!  Therefore, let us glorify and magnify Him as He reveals them!


Sunday, April 8, 2018

That Beautiful Name!!

There is a Name so beautiful that volumes and volumes of songs have been written about it!
There is a Name so powerful that the powers of darkness shudder and scatter at its sound!
Do you know that blessed Name?

"Blessed be Your Name, oh Lord!

O, blessed be Your song!
Your melody--it shall escort me
all of living long!
And even when this life is not
and we are at Your side,
that melody shall even live
that You be glorified!

Yes, blessed be Your Name, oh Lord,
all other names, above!
We sing it from the heart because
we know of Your great love!
No other love could e'er contain
the healing and the grace!
No other name above, below,
or in this present place!

O blessed be Your Name, oh Lord!
I love to sing it out!
There is new life inside me--that
is what You're all about!
And there is life ahead of us
throughout eternity
as long as we cling to that Name--
new life for such as we!"

Oh, the Name of Jesus!  Say it...sing it...shout it!  It's the Name above all names, and He shall be our banner as the ages roll along!

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Going into the third week of Spring...and it snowed last night!  I'm glad I didn't plant anything!  Praying this morning for all the folks who did...all while enjoying the beauty of it!

A gentle coat of white has covered
all the land today...
a treat unto the eyes, the blessed
wonder on display!
The birds--they even have a song
so early on this morn!
It doesn't seem to bother them,
that, in the nighttime, born.

Not to stress the writer either,
as the words begin.
Just a few, the cancellations,
so that I stay in
and enjoy it with my Father
Who brought this about;
I know not how long it will last,

however, I won't pout!

Surprises.  Every day contains them.  How do we react to them?  The answer to that often determines their outcome.
Are you so secure that you can handle it if God rearranges your schedules, plans and times?  He is awfully good at doing that!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Our motivation

What motivates us to love God?  (Of course, we can only truly ask and answer that IF we truly love Him!)
Thank about something...

"Love, o God, it motivates

Your every word and deed--
for that is why You care about
mine every want and need.
You love us, even though there's no way
we have to repay!
You look beyond our ways and means
and bless us anyway!
You love us and accept us, Father,
even as we are;
(but if You left us in that state
we would not get too far!)
Therefore You love so much that You
help us be more like You,
causing our own hearts to change,
that we become brand new!

We have no way to pay the debt

Your kindness has amassed,
thus You forgive the debt we owe
in Your love--o so vast!
So we exalt You, worship You,
and serve with our whole heart--
that is the only thing that we
can do, Lord, for our part!"

Are you doing your part?  Are you loving and serving God as best you can?  It's not that hard.  Some will tell you it's not that easy, but after serving Him for awhile and seeing
how God responds to that it will become a pleasure to serve and love Him!  Trust me!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Constant Song of Thanks!

Have you got one of those?  The words are so easy to find.  They do, however, sometimes take effort to sing.  They are worth it, though.  HE is worth it!

Gratitude that makes me sing
a song above the fray...
thankfulness that permeates
in spite of any day...
"thanks," it be a state of heart
(and a decision, too!)
it is a precious gift from God
that life cannot break through!

Yes, once again, that blessed song
that permeates so deep.
It comes from Him alive therein,
my heart and soul to keep!
I am so very thankful for Him--
NOT just all He brings!
For all my life, (and that beyond,)
to Him, my living sings!

And He is so worthy of that song!
That song of thanks that you never have to search for words for...
that song of thanks that always comes with its own melody...
that song of thanks that edifies and elevates Him--JESUS CHRIST!
Yes, I am so thankful for that song...AND FOR HIM!!


"Thank You, Lord!"  
"Father God, I am so grateful to You."
"Father, I am so grateful FOR You!"
"I will enter Your gates with thanksgiving in my heart!  I will enter Your courts with praise!"
There is something quite healing and liberating in giving thanks to the Lord!

"I give my thanks to You, Lord!
There's so much I'm grateful for!
I prosper due Your grace alone!
Your ways do I adore!
Thanksgiving is a way of life
when You, Lord, lead the way!
O make that thanks be evident
to all the world, I pray!

I am so grateful for You, Lord,
for there is none like You!
You cause great favor come my way
but constantly...anew!
You cause unknown prosperity
in my life to be known;
You make Your Presence and Your grace,
but everywhere, be shown!

I am so very fortunate!
I am so very blessed!
Therefore, You keep me in Your hand
and show me wonders e'er!
Giving thanks to You, my Lord--
but nothing may compare!!"

A very grateful man.  Life gives and takes.  Days have ups and downs.  Health has ups and downs.  I remain a very grateful man, so fortunate...all because of God!
Be grateful and give Him thanks...and watch things start turning around for you, too!  HE IS ABLE!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


God's Word.  The Bible.  In our world of business and busyness, it has become something we look into "if we have time."  However, The Bible is a Person, and intended to be visited with at least every day!  Are you able to handle that?

Your Word, o Lord, it is a lamp

unto my very feet!
It is a light unto my path--
the trek I may complete!
I do not have to wander 'round
not knowing where to go...
I do not have to blindly walk--
Your guidance I to know!

Your Word, o Lord, it is a guide
that cannot misdirect!
In following its every word,
my path shall be correct!
It may not be the quickest path,
the safest or the straight,
but, pressing on, I know that, with You,
I shall celebrate!

Your Word--and constant Presence, Lord;
sufficient for this man!
I know You've ordered every step,
You have a settled Plan!
And I shall cling to You, my Lord,
but all along The Way;
I shall arrive victorious
because You are my Stay!

God's Word.  The Bible.  It contains all that we need to succeed in this life and the next.  However, it requires great commitment on our part...commitment that some are not able to commit to.  Can you handle such a regimen?

Monday, April 2, 2018

Pure Joy!

Joy.  Pure joy.
Upon what does your joy depend?  That PURE joy?
Many things happen in this life...
Many things go on in this world...
Many things... things that attempt to rob us of "pure" joy.
Is there a way to stop that?

"Oh Lord, You are the joy in life
that nothing can affect!
Situations come and go,
Your joy, it goes unchecked.
You are the Joy so deep within
that this world cannot reach!
You are the Joy for anyone
that would, such joy, beseech!

Your joy--it causes me to shout!
It causes me to serve!
It causes me to realize
it's more than I deserve!
It causes me to glorify You,
causes me to sing!
That joy--it verifies the fact
that You are Everything!

O Lord, that I would spread Your Joy
but all throughout the earth!
So many trials constantly,
but You assure our worth
by causing joy unspeakable
and full of glory, too,
to well up in the lives of Yours
and spread to lives anew!"

Jesus Christ is pure Joy!  Constant Joy.  Joy that cannot be removed by trial...touched by sickness...affected by anything in this place.  Do we have those things?  Of course!  But they do not have to govern or dictate Jesus' joy!
Belong to Jesus.  Let Him govern everything in your life!  He is heart-felt Joy!

Sunday, April 1, 2018

For this...

But what if He would step down with an explanation?  How many would listen?  He told us that we had Moses and the prophets, and if we would not hear them, surely we would ignore Him.  “Father, please forgive me!”

"With reasons for what has been done

I spoke now unto thee,
so you'll remember evermore
what was and is to be.
I went unto the "righteous" ones
to show to them their fault;
trying to show unto them
that they're to be the salt;
that from their mouths should be the words
to give men life and breath;
for this, with heart-felt rage inside,
you plot My very death!

I came to freely share the Good News

with the poor and weak,
so they would know my Holy Word--
for this you smite My cheek?

For telling you that you must bow

and rid yourself of pride,
you bind my arms and take a spear
and pierce My very side!

For turning water into wine

and miracles as such...
for raising someone from the dead
with a gentle touch...
for reaching unto those so bound
and setting them so free--
for this, you take the scourge and rake
the very flesh of Me?

For answering your accusations

with a gentle word,
sharing Scripture unto you
that you've, so often, heard,
explaining that, without My life,
your lives are but a loss...
for helping you to understand
you nail Me to a cross!

For being so hard-hearted and

not knowing what to do...
for the fact that I have such
undying love for you,
for that yearning in My heart
that, evermore, you'll win--

And so that you will have a haven

from this dying life,
with no more worry for the morrow,
no more grief and strife,
I have prepared a Place for you
where evil does not live...

All that God arranged just to reach you and I.  All that Jesus went through just to reach you and I.  All that is still so very much alive because there are so many more to reach.