Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wonderful arms!

So wonderful and necessary is the escape and sanctuary that I know as JESUS!

In the open arms of Jesus,
what secure embrace!
He gives me shelter from the storm
or all else I should face!
His strength, it so restores me,
His Blood, it heals so well!
All provided in the arms
of Him Who knows me well!

So wonderful--my Savior Jesus
each and every day!
Regardless what this life may hold,
I stay the Narrow Way!
There be no safer place to be
amidst the storms of life;
for He sees me through every storm
'til gone be every strife!

'Til gone be every strife.  No matter how long the storm or situation may last, Jesus never leaves!  No matter what arises inside of the day, Jesus never fails!  He is so dependable!
Know His love in your own heart and have a friend that is closer than a brother!

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