Monday, March 26, 2018

While life happens...

Amidst the speed of life...
Amongst the trials that rise and fall...
there is a constant that is controlled by us and is an escort through the issues that rise and fall:  our song!

The words that turn to melody
as I turn to my God.
He hears them and He treasures them--
the angels to applaud!
Even in the presence of
nobody else at all,
my song, upon my Father's heart,
it shall so freely fall!

It may not have results that I
immediately may see,
but this I know--my God's response
will surely come to me!
I don't know what He'll say or do,
but it will be for good!
He will respond in His great love
as He vowed that He would!

That song that is--even in
the midst of circumstance!
It says to do the unusual:
it says to sing and dance
and let HIM do the necessary
for such a time as this;
for even at the speed of life,
our lives, He does not miss!

Don't get so tied up in circumstances that You are distracted from the One that is fully aware of ALL our issues: The One Who gives us our song!  TRUST HIM!  He will never let you down nor forsake you!

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