Tuesday, March 6, 2018

When discouraged

Situation...stress...discouragement...Jesus understands it all...even better than we do.  What He is looking for is how we react to it all.

I go to Jesus, Lord and King,
with that upon my heart.
I know He has the remedy,
and freely He'll impart!
Discouraged I, I need relief,
and He is Perfect peace;
into the arms of Jesus Christ,
this stress may I release.

What if, just if, I ask instead
what I can do for Him?
So many cry out at this time,
He answers each of them.
But just how many thank Him, asking
what He may want done?
Would that not be a truer sign
of a daughter or a son?

I know He will relieve me and
attend unto my need;
I know, of my discouragement,
The Lord will intercede;
thus I should change my heart cry unto
HIS each want and need.
In such would lie maturity
that we so dearly need.

In every situation, good or bad, there is opportunity to serve and to grow.  Yes, it is painful at times, but service in that hour brings on great growth and maturity.
Can you press through the pain, anger and stress and accomplish that which be the greater good?  It is always present, and, yes, we are able!

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