Friday, March 2, 2018

Through the day...

The stresses of the day.  Temporary.
The pain that comes and goes.  Temporary.
The strife around the world.  Temporary.

So vast is the variety
that is but every day...
So many are the ups and downs
upon the Narrow Way...
unknown is that which is ahead
for us until That Day--
BUT GOD, He is aware of ALL
and He has final say!

So rest in His assurance as
you steadily press on.
He has a time and place when all
the stressors will be gone!
He has promised us a Place
there in eternity,
He shall walk there with us and
so perfect it will be!

The cry of the believer's heart
You bless us here each day, but HEAVEN
would You soon afford!
Nonetheless, until that day,
for You we do our best,
knowing there are hearts and souls
just waiting to be blessed!"

Indeed, the days contain stress.  But He does not leave us, He does not forsake us, and He does not leave us comfortless!  We have His Holy Spirit to accompany and direct us through each matter what it contains.
Press on!

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