Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thinking there again!

Day is done.
As I rest, I find my heart thinking of that Place where day will never be done...and time will be no more!

There is a Place upon my heart,

I love its every thought!
We often think about this Place
for only what it's got.
But on my heart about this Place
is Who will be there too,
He knows me by my very name--
is that how He knows you?

Yes, thinking of His Heaven and

His Presence in that Place!
Provided due alone His love
and His abundant grace!
He sees all we are going through
before, now, and to be,
and He prepares a Paradise
to spend eternity!

Gone, what we're accustomed to,

waiting--we don't know;
He promises that it is more
than this world could bestow!
I look so forward to it as
I press on for His good!
And He has promised it be soon--
for that is understood!

How long until that Place?  No man knows the day or the hour, thus we must be prepared.  Are you ready?


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