Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Battleground

We have a spiritual position.  What will we do with it?
We have intimate fellowship with God Himself.  Will we take advantage of it?
We have a choice each day and in every situation: do things our way, or do things God's way.  What will we choose?
"Lead me in righteousness BECAUSE of my enemies.
Grant unto me YOUR thoughts, Lord; make my ways YOUR ways!"

The thoughts that make this very man,

they happen constantly!
What I do about those thoughts
becomes the man I be.
The mind--it is a battlefield
but all throughout this life;
the thoughts that bring abundant joy,
the same may foster strife.

But with the Lord inside my heart

the battle is no more?
Of course not!  But I've one more weapon
for the constant war!
And not just "any weapon," but
the greatest One of all!
And as I use The Living Word
He will not let me fall!

A soldier on the battlefield--

but not out there alone.
I am equipped with armaments
until the end be known.
And then to savor victory
with Him forevermore!
But join the army of the Lord
and fight alone no more!

And fight alone no more.

And do NOTHING alone no more!  For He is living in your heart, therefore you will always have Him to accompany you through ALL of life--from battlegrounds to victories--He will never leave you nor forsake you!  HIS NAME IS JESUS!

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