Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Simply complex

So are the days that are.  But there are places and things that are provided by God Himself to allow you a refreshing amongst the rush of life...

I lift my eyes unto the hills,
my strength to come from thence!
I lift my voice unto the Lord--
He is my Recompense!
I scan the vast horizon and
adore the hills and peaks...
all the while, God is beside me
and He clearly speaks!

Such moments with Him, they are sweet,
and needed in this life!
Any moments with Him are
a blest escape from strife!
Necessary so, as He
rejuvenates and heals,
and, His awesome handiwork,
so freely He reveals!

So much is happening in life,
and who could know its speed?!
BUT GOD, He knows it all, and He
would gladly intercede
so we could know the wonder of it
and not just "the grind;"
o give Him of your time each day,
His wonder you will find!

That's all it takes: giving him time.  ANY time!  He will use it to help you with all that you are going through.  He will use it to help you realize the wonder of Him all about you...wherever you happen to be.
Trust Him!

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