Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peace whenever!

There is peace amongst the winds.  Though the storm threatens to rage, there is a peace within.
I know that Peace, and I trust in Him completely!

"Jesus, You are Peace in spite

of what is all around.
Though the elements may rage,
in You may I be found!
You are location like no other,
Your peace, it so abounds
as long as I am at Your side
and Your great arm surrounds!

Lord Jesus, You are 'Prince of Peace'

as says in Your great Word!
I trust in You implicitly,
and calm--it is occurred!
Because of Your great love, my Lord,
I know Your Own embrace;
You speak Your Truth into my heart
that I may boldly face!

How wonderful is perfect peace

in this imperfect place!
So necessary You when this
becomes a harried race!
But necessary even when
this is a perfect calm--
for that is when I come to learn
much more about Your palm."

So wonderful it is to be protected by Jesus when all seems out of control. 

So wonderful it is to be protected by Jesus when everything is at peace.
So wonderful to know that Jesus is right here no matter what is happening...good or bad.  Trust Him.  He loves you completely and knows exactly what is going on at all times!

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