Thursday, March 29, 2018

More proof

Is that what it takes for you to continue to believe in and rely upon God?  What if there was a temporary silence when you bow your head and call His Name.  Do you continue to trust?

I cannot hear Your voice, and yet
I know that You are there...
I cannot see Your face, and yet
I know You're everywhere!
I cannot feel Your touch, but I know
I'm inside Your palm...
so many "cannots" in this life,
yet I retain Your calm.

For You are God...even when
I cannot see or feel.
The hearing of my spirit makes sure
You will not conceal!
I KNOW that You are here, even
when signs may be unknown;
Your arms be e'er about me that
my faith be, once more, grown!

Yes, You are God, and You are here
to lead, guide and protect!
I read Your word, I talk to You
in love, need and respect!
I crave Your very Presence, Lord,
but all throughout the day!
My life be ever grateful You're
my Truth, my Life, my Way!

Do you have God in your life out of need or desire?
Is Jesus in your heart because you were told He was or because you actually sense the proof of His Presence there?
Get real with God, my friends, and He will cause His reality to be more and more evident in your life each and every day!
There is no one else like Him.

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