Sunday, March 4, 2018

Joyous signs

What a glorious time of year.  All of life anew!  Just look around...

The joyous signs of spring--

the scents...the songs...the sights!
If one would only take the time,
what wonderful delights!
One more facet of the grace
in His most grand design--
that wonder drawn so long ago
that no man may define!

Define the wonder of the weather--

terrible yet grand...
define the wonder of the wildlife--
who could understand...
define the flora as it dons
its glorious attire...
define the Maker of it all?
But do not ever tire!

The joyous signs of spring

and all that it would bring.
Give glory unto God--
His Majesty applaud!

Give glory unto God!  He is the lone Creator of all that blesses and fascinates us!  Did you take time today to notice His touch where you are?  I promise, you don't have to look very far!  And don't forget to thank Him for it all!


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