Saturday, March 10, 2018

Job well done

At last to my escape!
All the day have I looked forward to this time with Jesus.  He has surely been with me all this day, but this time is very special.  Just He and I!

"In Your Presence all the day

through everything that was;
o, but in Your Presence now
with everything it does!
Here, my rest and restoration...
here, my joy beyond...
here, with only You, my Lord,
of Whom I am so fond!

You are healing...You are blessing...
You are company...
I know that when I leave this place
so brand new I will be!
And You will meet me when I must
return into Your grace,
after I have done my job--
this life, once more, to face!

So glorious, this meeting place

where I know that You are;
so glorious, the living truth
that You are never far!
So fortunate, Your very own
to know this sacred place,
giv'n of Your abundant love
and overwhelming grace!"

Know that precious place that He will always be.  Usually, it only takes the mention of His Name and He is there!  Do you know the wonder of it yet?


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