Friday, March 9, 2018

Hallowed darkness

After day is done...when all else is accomplished, I know exactly where to go to see His face so clearly...

Dark of night is broken by

a ceiling full of dots;
the glory of Creator God
is proven in those spots!
All around and overhead
what glory is revealed...
with each moment that would pass
one more is unconcealed!

How beautiful the living night
with nothing else around...
so wonderful, the sacred night
with hardly any sound,
save for the voice of God Most High
as He is at my side!
For even in the dark of night
with me does He abide!

Yes, even in the dark of night, God is right here.  He never leaves!  And He causes me to witness the wonder of His creation...and marvel!
Get out some time, somewhere where no other light be seen, and behold the glory of His night sky!  It is very worth the time!

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