Monday, March 12, 2018

Greater than time!

Jesus Christ is greater than time!
He proves it to us daily in so many different ways...IF we would just pay attention...

Though life may take its toll on us,

there's One that will protect!
He gives His very life-blood when
our hearts would intersect.
In that Blood is life and healing
to His very Own,
His very love in us revealing--
by such we are known.

Are you belonging to The One
Who saves the very soul?
He loves and has provision for us--
in Him we are whole!
And He is always company
at every time of day!
Not only is He Healer, He's
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Jesus Christ, our all-in-all;
Christ, our Everything!
Know Him as Your Savior and
such wondrous life He'll bring!
Serve Him well but all your days
and He'll provide forever--
a love that even time, itself,
is not allowed to sever!

Jesus loves you so much!  Man cannot fathom the ways and the means that He uses to show His love...and His benefits!

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