Thursday, March 29, 2018


First thing, so many mysteries.  Tonight, a few more answers.  Painful answers.  We have these assurances.  They didn't have very many back then...

Promises made long ago
to ever come to pass?
But truths of them around this place
beginning to amass!
A trial...a beating...a wooden cross...
it all seems so unfair!
A jeering, unbelieving crowd--
how many of us there?

But promises do not end there,

with hindsight we possess!
We KNOW that Sunday's coming, and
we KNOW how God will bless!
We grieve about the blindness and
the ignorance of some,
all the while, we pray for them
that JESUS be their sum!

Tragedies and promises,

and Truth to which we cling!
We see the pain He bore for us,
when death lost all its sting!
And with a grateful heart we pray
for them unseeing yet,
that, even through OUR very lives,
Christ's life and Truth they'll get!

Good Friday.  "Good?!"  For who? 

Very few saw the good that it contained back then.  But we can see the Life that it would continue to provide on this side of the Cross!  And we can continually thank Jesus for enduring what He did so that we could have life...and THAT more abundantly!
"Thank You, Lord Jesus!"
"Thank You, Father God!"

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