Friday, March 23, 2018

Good Things

All good things are from God.
This world contains a world of "good" things.  They are about us each and every day.  They happen to us each and every day.  And they are from God Most High because He loves us!

So many are the 'things' in life
and put there for our good!
Therefore to focus on those things,
but each one of us should!
Yes, so many other things
may occupy this life,
but focusing on them will only
bring us grief and strife!
BUT GOD, He has provided things
to generate such joy!
Simple things...complex things
for us to so enjoy.
Don't let yourself be robbed of them
by pondering the latter;
stand fast on everlasting joy
and stresses all will scatter!

"BUT GOD"...that term that causes things
to work for your own good!
He is ALWAYS on your side,
therefore you always should
look for His handprint in the things
that always come your way;
I know that You will see His proof
somewhere upon display!

"All good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights."  Let us always keep that in mind when life has its way with us.  We will never have to look very far to see the hand of God at work.  We may have to look hard sometimes, but He is ALWAYS faithful!

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