Saturday, March 3, 2018

Eternal Promise!

This world is not our eternal home.  This is only a "proving ground" for eternity ahead.  What will your life prove?  What will your daily living prove?  Do you even think about that?

No matter what is happening
here in our daily world,
there be a Promise that is waiting
yet to be unfurled!
So many, many years ago,
'twas written and secured:
"Even so, come quickly, Lord,"
for all who have endured!

What a blessed promise, yes!
What beautiful a word!
What a wonder that His coming
soon will be occurred!
We so anticipate it, we
so yearn for that great day
when Jesus Christ will split the skies--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Do YOU have such yearning in
your heart and in your soul?
There is a Land of perfect where
each one will be made whole!
Each one who has His Blood inside
and His seal on their heart!
Yes, there's coming yet a Paradise
from whence we shan't depart!!

To be amongst them that go there one must be born again.  Jesus Christ made that very clear in His Word, His Living Word!  Call His Name and ask Him to dwell inside of your heart!  Confess your sins, pledge your allegiance to Him and you, too, will enjoy that Paradise forever!

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