Friday, March 16, 2018

Early yet again

What a beautiful day.
I cannot see it with my eyes, but God is faithful and I know that whatever this day contains, He will see to it that it brings glory to Him--therefore it is a beautiful day!

It's foggy on the mountain as
the day begins to be...
drivers must be cautious as
it is so hard to see!
I hope that it will dissipate
by time for me to go;
but in the early shroud, God's Presence
I so clearly know!
He walks with me about the mist,
we talk about the day;
before my own departure be
some of it should be on.
Even it it does persist,
the day, it must go on!

But in the early mist
with His Presence to exist
such precious time we spend--
me and my closest Friend!

Day is just beginning.  No telling how long it will be.  The smartaleck would say "24hrs!"  Not always.  However long it be, God's Presence, direction and guidance are a constant in the lives of His Own...of which I am one!

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