Tuesday, March 27, 2018

During the storm

Stormy days happen, too.
Not every day can be full of sunlight as we begin.
However, the sunlight can exist inside of us if we know the source of it and trust fully in Him!

In spite of that which seems so dreary
as we look about,
there is a light that ever shines
and it is not without!
It is within the hearts of them
with Jesus Christ indwelt!
Jesus Christ--seen and heard,
and, surely, always felt!

And even on a day beginning
with a gentle storm,
there can be a joy inside
begin to surely form!
As we behold the wonder of
the dark...the wind...the rain...
purpose and perspective, from
the Father we will gain!

It may be dark and gloomy, but
life will continue on,
full of opportunities
until the day be gone.
Will you sit back, awaiting storm
eventually to pass,
or will you boldly forward go,
His blessings to amass?

The storm exists.  The rain assaults.  The lightning and thunder roar.  Do you wait for it to subside, or do you press on and get done all that you can do?  Sure, there are precautions to take.  Said storm can be very dangerous.  But it can also be very prosperous if you are the only one brave enough to get out and get things done!

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