Sunday, March 18, 2018

Comfort isn't everything

Why do I seek a 'comfortable' place to be with Jesus for awhile?  I'm sure that there were places and times that Jesus went to His Father that were not 'comfortable.'

"O Lord, this isn't comfortable,
I need to see You, though.
I need to be inside Your palm
so, forward, I may go.
I cannot see...I cannot feel,
but You are well aware;
You have my destination, Lord,
I hasten to be there!

Lord, this may not be comfortable,
and I may suffer some,
but I know You are in control
and settled be the sum.
I know You have the best in mind
for someone such as I:
born-again, Spirit-filled,
and child of The Most High!

Yes, I may be uncomfortable,
but I am not unknown.
You're right here in the fray, oh Lord,
and You call me Your Own!
I will not turn aside as I
press on to that ahead;
knowing that it be a chapter
You've already read!"

Where are you, friend? 
Do you feel like you're in a place that has no exit?  Uncomfortable?
Do you feel like you are there all alone?  You're not!
God knows exactly where you are and what your very next step should be!  If you don't know what that step is, ask Him.  He'd love to talk to you!

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