Monday, March 19, 2018


Life is full of circumstances.  My former Pastor called them "opportunities."  There are some "opportunities" that I would just as soon as done without, but God's grace sufficed... and continues to!

Wherever is the circumstance
somewhere inside the day,
I know there is protection from
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Whatever are the details of it,
God is well aware;
and we will do just fine, as we
are in His perfect care!

So many are the circumstances
in this life to be;
but greater far be God the Father's
care for such as we!
He knows all that we need to have
at all and every time;
and He avails His loving arms--
into them we can climb!

So faithful is our loving Father,
blessed be such Truth!
His care to span the length of life
from earliest of youth!
And far beyond our latter years
when we are in that Place,
His care will even be as we
are in eternal grace!

God cares.  Father God cares.
The sooner we learn that, the better life will be and the more we will enjoy it!  Yes, there are things in this life that are not enjoyable, but it is His care and His grace that gets us through even those times.  Those circumstances.  Those "opportunities!"

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