Wednesday, March 21, 2018


A thousand things throughout the day.  Each of us has them; we do them without even a second thought.  But people are watching...

Lest I display the wondrous love
that Jesus shows to me,

what good this man to any here
or to eternity?
There are so many "attitudes"
I may at once put on;
I must deny them, every one,
and Jesus' own love don!

So many are the attributes
seen "positive" by men.
I could have them all and be
so "popular" by then.
But lest I have the mind of Christ
and Jesus' very heart,
I am of no use unto God,
and, in me, He's no part!

I must be very cautious in
so "popular" a place;
I must remain an humble man,
so grateful for His Grace!
Even to display the same
who, what or where I am,
knowing I'm an ambassador
of the great I AM!

No matter who we are with or whatever we are doing, we are being watched.  That is not to sound 'creepy,' it is to remind us that the world is watching closely to see if they really want the One Who we have, (or the One Who has us!)
What do they see in you?

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