Saturday, March 24, 2018

Birthday gifts

As I rise, I see that God has prepared so many 'presents' for my birthday, presenting them to me gradually as the moments progress.  What a loving, caring Father God!

"You raise the sun to shine upon

the day that You have made;
I will rejoice, I will be glad,
that YOU have been displayed!

You bring so many gifts to me,

(and some I must unwrap;)
You bring things very beautiful
and set them in my lap!
You bring things very simple and
place all throughout my day;
You bring gifts ever-constantly--
Oh Lord, what can I say!

The sun now peeking in-and-out,

but You are crystal clear!
I am so very blessed, O God,
You are right with me here!
I so appreciate Your Presence,
(and You presents, too!)
I am so very fortunate
to have a Friend like You!"

What a way to begin this very special day!  What a generous, loving, caring Father to go out of His way to reveal Himself and His ways to me yet again...even today!  I AM SO BLESSED!!


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