Thursday, March 1, 2018

All the day

In the middle of the day...getting done what must be done for a Thursday.
Can anything stop that? 

In the middle of the glory
that is all the day,
amidst the things that must be done
as we go on our way,
the sky begins to change in shade
and personality;
and we know, from experience,
just what the day might be!

Get the chores out of the way
as fast as one can do...
get the running done before
is come whatever dew...
be at home before the storm
if possible at all...
behold the beauty of it as,
God's mighty Name, we call!

The middle of the day...
the storm to have its way...
God--He knows it all--
He is our wherewithal!

Whatever the storm shall bring, God is right here with us.  He already see life beyond the storm, so we lean on Him all the more.
Fear not.  The storm cannot do anything that God is not aware of.  His ways are beyond our comprehension.

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