Friday, March 30, 2018


So surreal now with Jesus gone.
What will life be like now around here?
Did He really mean those words about "returning from the dead?"
So many more questions today.  So many doubts...


so far, He's told the truth...
to figure out what happens next,
it seems, would take a sleuth!
I know the things He said to us
about the days that are;
but why do several promises
seem very, very far?

But Sunday's after Saturday;

The week that we have just been through
was pain and grief and strife!
Tomorrow is a promise made,
Looking back--it was exactly
as The Father willed!

Tomorrow--Sunday!  Life anew

and cause to celebrate!
Tell everyone you know "HE LIVES!"
He had a higher fate!
And that new life He offers all
who come with open heart!
Jesus Christ--eternal life!

Again, we have hindsight and reality to cling to as we celebrate Jesus!  He is worthy of celebration!  He is worthy of our love...our gifts...our time...our everything!  We are so fortunate to have such a loving Father Who would make such a wonderful way to reach us!


Thursday, March 29, 2018


First thing, so many mysteries.  Tonight, a few more answers.  Painful answers.  We have these assurances.  They didn't have very many back then...

Promises made long ago
to ever come to pass?
But truths of them around this place
beginning to amass!
A trial...a beating...a wooden cross...
it all seems so unfair!
A jeering, unbelieving crowd--
how many of us there?

But promises do not end there,

with hindsight we possess!
We KNOW that Sunday's coming, and
we KNOW how God will bless!
We grieve about the blindness and
the ignorance of some,
all the while, we pray for them
that JESUS be their sum!

Tragedies and promises,

and Truth to which we cling!
We see the pain He bore for us,
when death lost all its sting!
And with a grateful heart we pray
for them unseeing yet,
that, even through OUR very lives,
Christ's life and Truth they'll get!

Good Friday.  "Good?!"  For who? 

Very few saw the good that it contained back then.  But we can see the Life that it would continue to provide on this side of the Cross!  And we can continually thank Jesus for enduring what He did so that we could have life...and THAT more abundantly!
"Thank You, Lord Jesus!"
"Thank You, Father God!"

More proof

Is that what it takes for you to continue to believe in and rely upon God?  What if there was a temporary silence when you bow your head and call His Name.  Do you continue to trust?

I cannot hear Your voice, and yet
I know that You are there...
I cannot see Your face, and yet
I know You're everywhere!
I cannot feel Your touch, but I know
I'm inside Your palm...
so many "cannots" in this life,
yet I retain Your calm.

For You are God...even when
I cannot see or feel.
The hearing of my spirit makes sure
You will not conceal!
I KNOW that You are here, even
when signs may be unknown;
Your arms be e'er about me that
my faith be, once more, grown!

Yes, You are God, and You are here
to lead, guide and protect!
I read Your word, I talk to You
in love, need and respect!
I crave Your very Presence, Lord,
but all throughout the day!
My life be ever grateful You're
my Truth, my Life, my Way!

Do you have God in your life out of need or desire?
Is Jesus in your heart because you were told He was or because you actually sense the proof of His Presence there?
Get real with God, my friends, and He will cause His reality to be more and more evident in your life each and every day!
There is no one else like Him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Unknown outreach

The days are certainly hectic...and they don't show any signs of slowing down.  In our own race to get things done and meet deadlines, what do we notice?  Everyone else is in the same race, but so varied are the paces.
Does anyone have time to "be nice?"

How many are the testimonies
in a single day?
How often do we touch someone
as we go on our way?
Not even going "out of our way"
one's life to affect?
Looking back in earnest, can we
see such an effect?

Those things we do without a thought
make others think so oft...
like saying "Hi!" to someone that
the world has often scoffed...
like reaching out to someone from whom
life has tried to run...
and we may never even know
what our kind deeds have done.

But this I know: there is a world
that watches all the time!
They will see you doing 'good'
just like they see a crime!
Be "caught," therefore, assisting someone
in their daily grind;
one more embrace from an angel
you may surely find!

The world is a busy place.  You are a busy person.  Are you too busy to make a difference in another's life?  You may be surprised at how simple it is to do!

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

During the storm

Stormy days happen, too.
Not every day can be full of sunlight as we begin.
However, the sunlight can exist inside of us if we know the source of it and trust fully in Him!

In spite of that which seems so dreary
as we look about,
there is a light that ever shines
and it is not without!
It is within the hearts of them
with Jesus Christ indwelt!
Jesus Christ--seen and heard,
and, surely, always felt!

And even on a day beginning
with a gentle storm,
there can be a joy inside
begin to surely form!
As we behold the wonder of
the dark...the wind...the rain...
purpose and perspective, from
the Father we will gain!

It may be dark and gloomy, but
life will continue on,
full of opportunities
until the day be gone.
Will you sit back, awaiting storm
eventually to pass,
or will you boldly forward go,
His blessings to amass?

The storm exists.  The rain assaults.  The lightning and thunder roar.  Do you wait for it to subside, or do you press on and get done all that you can do?  Sure, there are precautions to take.  Said storm can be very dangerous.  But it can also be very prosperous if you are the only one brave enough to get out and get things done!

Monday, March 26, 2018

While life happens...

Amidst the speed of life...
Amongst the trials that rise and fall...
there is a constant that is controlled by us and is an escort through the issues that rise and fall:  our song!

The words that turn to melody
as I turn to my God.
He hears them and He treasures them--
the angels to applaud!
Even in the presence of
nobody else at all,
my song, upon my Father's heart,
it shall so freely fall!

It may not have results that I
immediately may see,
but this I know--my God's response
will surely come to me!
I don't know what He'll say or do,
but it will be for good!
He will respond in His great love
as He vowed that He would!

That song that is--even in
the midst of circumstance!
It says to do the unusual:
it says to sing and dance
and let HIM do the necessary
for such a time as this;
for even at the speed of life,
our lives, He does not miss!

Don't get so tied up in circumstances that You are distracted from the One that is fully aware of ALL our issues: The One Who gives us our song!  TRUST HIM!  He will never let you down nor forsake you!

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Unnecessary Questions

This life is full of unnecessary questions.  But there are certainly questions that need to be asked!  Unnecessary ones are the things that we release to God, because we have reached the point where we know that He is going to take care of them anyway.
That said, never stop asking!

How many more the days that are
before the days are not?
How many more memories to go
with memories we've got?
How long until we see our Jesus
smiling, face-to-face?!
But one day closer, this I know,
until that land of grace!

Heaven is awaiting each
that have Christ in the heart.
We know not the hour, though,
when, to there, we'll depart!
Thus we must live each day in full,
trusting all the while,
ready for the Trumpet Blast
when we shall see His smile!

"How many are the days?"  I do not
wonder anymore.
But I so live completely trusting
what He has in store!
I know He will direct my steps
until that final day,
then I will join Him in the sky
and we shall fly away!

Complete trust.  That's what it takes to live beyond certain questions.  Have you reached that point yet?  It is a wonderful place to be.  It is a wonderful place of rest.


Saturday, March 24, 2018

Birthday gifts

As I rise, I see that God has prepared so many 'presents' for my birthday, presenting them to me gradually as the moments progress.  What a loving, caring Father God!

"You raise the sun to shine upon

the day that You have made;
I will rejoice, I will be glad,
that YOU have been displayed!

You bring so many gifts to me,

(and some I must unwrap;)
You bring things very beautiful
and set them in my lap!
You bring things very simple and
place all throughout my day;
You bring gifts ever-constantly--
Oh Lord, what can I say!

The sun now peeking in-and-out,

but You are crystal clear!
I am so very blessed, O God,
You are right with me here!
I so appreciate Your Presence,
(and You presents, too!)
I am so very fortunate
to have a Friend like You!"

What a way to begin this very special day!  What a generous, loving, caring Father to go out of His way to reveal Himself and His ways to me yet again...even today!  I AM SO BLESSED!!


Friday, March 23, 2018

Good Things

All good things are from God.
This world contains a world of "good" things.  They are about us each and every day.  They happen to us each and every day.  And they are from God Most High because He loves us!

So many are the 'things' in life
and put there for our good!
Therefore to focus on those things,
but each one of us should!
Yes, so many other things
may occupy this life,
but focusing on them will only
bring us grief and strife!
BUT GOD, He has provided things
to generate such joy!
Simple things...complex things
for us to so enjoy.
Don't let yourself be robbed of them
by pondering the latter;
stand fast on everlasting joy
and stresses all will scatter!

"BUT GOD"...that term that causes things
to work for your own good!
He is ALWAYS on your side,
therefore you always should
look for His handprint in the things
that always come your way;
I know that You will see His proof
somewhere upon display!

"All good and perfect gifts come down from the Father of Lights."  Let us always keep that in mind when life has its way with us.  We will never have to look very far to see the hand of God at work.  We may have to look hard sometimes, but He is ALWAYS faithful!

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


A thousand things throughout the day.  Each of us has them; we do them without even a second thought.  But people are watching...

Lest I display the wondrous love
that Jesus shows to me,

what good this man to any here
or to eternity?
There are so many "attitudes"
I may at once put on;
I must deny them, every one,
and Jesus' own love don!

So many are the attributes
seen "positive" by men.
I could have them all and be
so "popular" by then.
But lest I have the mind of Christ
and Jesus' very heart,
I am of no use unto God,
and, in me, He's no part!

I must be very cautious in
so "popular" a place;
I must remain an humble man,
so grateful for His Grace!
Even to display the same
who, what or where I am,
knowing I'm an ambassador
of the great I AM!

No matter who we are with or whatever we are doing, we are being watched.  That is not to sound 'creepy,' it is to remind us that the world is watching closely to see if they really want the One Who we have, (or the One Who has us!)
What do they see in you?

Simply complex

So are the days that are.  But there are places and things that are provided by God Himself to allow you a refreshing amongst the rush of life...

I lift my eyes unto the hills,
my strength to come from thence!
I lift my voice unto the Lord--
He is my Recompense!
I scan the vast horizon and
adore the hills and peaks...
all the while, God is beside me
and He clearly speaks!

Such moments with Him, they are sweet,
and needed in this life!
Any moments with Him are
a blest escape from strife!
Necessary so, as He
rejuvenates and heals,
and, His awesome handiwork,
so freely He reveals!

So much is happening in life,
and who could know its speed?!
BUT GOD, He knows it all, and He
would gladly intercede
so we could know the wonder of it
and not just "the grind;"
o give Him of your time each day,
His wonder you will find!

That's all it takes: giving him time.  ANY time!  He will use it to help you with all that you are going through.  He will use it to help you realize the wonder of Him all about you...wherever you happen to be.
Trust Him!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

This is the day!

Yes, this is the day that the Lord has made.  We are instructed by Him to rejoice and be glad in it.  Is that what you will do?

This is the day that God has made.

I will rejoice and be glad.
There is so much upon this day,
by each of us, to be had.
For He has so designed this day
especially for you;
and know that there are things that He
includes for others, too.

This is the day the Lord has made-
our joy to overflow!
Its contents are of such that only
Jesus Christ can know!
But know that He is well aware
of all that will be done,
so rest ye in the Father,
Holy Spirit and the Son!

This is the day that He has made-

it is not like another!
For we will be escorted by
One closer than a brother!
We do not have to be alone
accomplishing the task;
and if we ever feel that way,
all we must do is ask!

All we must do is ask.  Jesus is ALWAYS with us, and proof of such is only a few words away!  Do not hesitate to say those words when You need His Presence with you in the things that this day contains!  Rejoice and be glad!!


Monday, March 19, 2018


Life is full of circumstances.  My former Pastor called them "opportunities."  There are some "opportunities" that I would just as soon as done without, but God's grace sufficed... and continues to!

Wherever is the circumstance
somewhere inside the day,
I know there is protection from
the Truth, the Life, the Way!
Whatever are the details of it,
God is well aware;
and we will do just fine, as we
are in His perfect care!

So many are the circumstances
in this life to be;
but greater far be God the Father's
care for such as we!
He knows all that we need to have
at all and every time;
and He avails His loving arms--
into them we can climb!

So faithful is our loving Father,
blessed be such Truth!
His care to span the length of life
from earliest of youth!
And far beyond our latter years
when we are in that Place,
His care will even be as we
are in eternal grace!

God cares.  Father God cares.
The sooner we learn that, the better life will be and the more we will enjoy it!  Yes, there are things in this life that are not enjoyable, but it is His care and His grace that gets us through even those times.  Those circumstances.  Those "opportunities!"

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Comfort isn't everything

Why do I seek a 'comfortable' place to be with Jesus for awhile?  I'm sure that there were places and times that Jesus went to His Father that were not 'comfortable.'

"O Lord, this isn't comfortable,
I need to see You, though.
I need to be inside Your palm
so, forward, I may go.
I cannot see...I cannot feel,
but You are well aware;
You have my destination, Lord,
I hasten to be there!

Lord, this may not be comfortable,
and I may suffer some,
but I know You are in control
and settled be the sum.
I know You have the best in mind
for someone such as I:
born-again, Spirit-filled,
and child of The Most High!

Yes, I may be uncomfortable,
but I am not unknown.
You're right here in the fray, oh Lord,
and You call me Your Own!
I will not turn aside as I
press on to that ahead;
knowing that it be a chapter
You've already read!"

Where are you, friend? 
Do you feel like you're in a place that has no exit?  Uncomfortable?
Do you feel like you are there all alone?  You're not!
God knows exactly where you are and what your very next step should be!  If you don't know what that step is, ask Him.  He'd love to talk to you!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Morning Dance

As I open the drapes and look out over the valley, I notice that life is gently swaying in the breeze.  What a beautiful puzzle...

The trees are dancing gently in

an able southern breeze...
life--the very sight of it--
seen all around with ease!
Such wind be coming from a place
so very few can know;
it entertains us for a moment,
then where does it go?

So God the Father fascinates us

once more with His ways.
As He does, it generates,
once more, that heart-felt praise.
He is worthy, don't you know,
of every adoration!
Bless Him with it and each day
can be a celebration!

Again an ancient puzzle: where is the wind?  I will not attempt to explain it...but I will glorify God for it! 

What a wonderful way to start the day.  The morning dance of creation in the sight of God...and the sight of this man.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Early yet again

What a beautiful day.
I cannot see it with my eyes, but God is faithful and I know that whatever this day contains, He will see to it that it brings glory to Him--therefore it is a beautiful day!

It's foggy on the mountain as
the day begins to be...
drivers must be cautious as
it is so hard to see!
I hope that it will dissipate
by time for me to go;
but in the early shroud, God's Presence
I so clearly know!
He walks with me about the mist,
we talk about the day;
before my own departure be
some of it should be on.
Even it it does persist,
the day, it must go on!

But in the early mist
with His Presence to exist
such precious time we spend--
me and my closest Friend!

Day is just beginning.  No telling how long it will be.  The smartaleck would say "24hrs!"  Not always.  However long it be, God's Presence, direction and guidance are a constant in the lives of His Own...of which I am one!

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Battleground

We have a spiritual position.  What will we do with it?
We have intimate fellowship with God Himself.  Will we take advantage of it?
We have a choice each day and in every situation: do things our way, or do things God's way.  What will we choose?
"Lead me in righteousness BECAUSE of my enemies.
Grant unto me YOUR thoughts, Lord; make my ways YOUR ways!"

The thoughts that make this very man,

they happen constantly!
What I do about those thoughts
becomes the man I be.
The mind--it is a battlefield
but all throughout this life;
the thoughts that bring abundant joy,
the same may foster strife.

But with the Lord inside my heart

the battle is no more?
Of course not!  But I've one more weapon
for the constant war!
And not just "any weapon," but
the greatest One of all!
And as I use The Living Word
He will not let me fall!

A soldier on the battlefield--

but not out there alone.
I am equipped with armaments
until the end be known.
And then to savor victory
with Him forevermore!
But join the army of the Lord
and fight alone no more!

And fight alone no more.

And do NOTHING alone no more!  For He is living in your heart, therefore you will always have Him to accompany you through ALL of life--from battlegrounds to victories--He will never leave you nor forsake you!  HIS NAME IS JESUS!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Thinking there again!

Day is done.
As I rest, I find my heart thinking of that Place where day will never be done...and time will be no more!

There is a Place upon my heart,

I love its every thought!
We often think about this Place
for only what it's got.
But on my heart about this Place
is Who will be there too,
He knows me by my very name--
is that how He knows you?

Yes, thinking of His Heaven and

His Presence in that Place!
Provided due alone His love
and His abundant grace!
He sees all we are going through
before, now, and to be,
and He prepares a Paradise
to spend eternity!

Gone, what we're accustomed to,

waiting--we don't know;
He promises that it is more
than this world could bestow!
I look so forward to it as
I press on for His good!
And He has promised it be soon--
for that is understood!

How long until that Place?  No man knows the day or the hour, thus we must be prepared.  Are you ready?


Monday, March 12, 2018

Greater than time!

Jesus Christ is greater than time!
He proves it to us daily in so many different ways...IF we would just pay attention...

Though life may take its toll on us,

there's One that will protect!
He gives His very life-blood when
our hearts would intersect.
In that Blood is life and healing
to His very Own,
His very love in us revealing--
by such we are known.

Are you belonging to The One
Who saves the very soul?
He loves and has provision for us--
in Him we are whole!
And He is always company
at every time of day!
Not only is He Healer, He's
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Jesus Christ, our all-in-all;
Christ, our Everything!
Know Him as Your Savior and
such wondrous life He'll bring!
Serve Him well but all your days
and He'll provide forever--
a love that even time, itself,
is not allowed to sever!

Jesus loves you so much!  Man cannot fathom the ways and the means that He uses to show His love...and His benefits!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Peace whenever!

There is peace amongst the winds.  Though the storm threatens to rage, there is a peace within.
I know that Peace, and I trust in Him completely!

"Jesus, You are Peace in spite

of what is all around.
Though the elements may rage,
in You may I be found!
You are location like no other,
Your peace, it so abounds
as long as I am at Your side
and Your great arm surrounds!

Lord Jesus, You are 'Prince of Peace'

as says in Your great Word!
I trust in You implicitly,
and calm--it is occurred!
Because of Your great love, my Lord,
I know Your Own embrace;
You speak Your Truth into my heart
that I may boldly face!

How wonderful is perfect peace

in this imperfect place!
So necessary You when this
becomes a harried race!
But necessary even when
this is a perfect calm--
for that is when I come to learn
much more about Your palm."

So wonderful it is to be protected by Jesus when all seems out of control. 

So wonderful it is to be protected by Jesus when everything is at peace.
So wonderful to know that Jesus is right here no matter what is happening...good or bad.  Trust Him.  He loves you completely and knows exactly what is going on at all times!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Job well done

At last to my escape!
All the day have I looked forward to this time with Jesus.  He has surely been with me all this day, but this time is very special.  Just He and I!

"In Your Presence all the day

through everything that was;
o, but in Your Presence now
with everything it does!
Here, my rest and restoration...
here, my joy beyond...
here, with only You, my Lord,
of Whom I am so fond!

You are healing...You are blessing...
You are company...
I know that when I leave this place
so brand new I will be!
And You will meet me when I must
return into Your grace,
after I have done my job--
this life, once more, to face!

So glorious, this meeting place

where I know that You are;
so glorious, the living truth
that You are never far!
So fortunate, Your very own
to know this sacred place,
giv'n of Your abundant love
and overwhelming grace!"

Know that precious place that He will always be.  Usually, it only takes the mention of His Name and He is there!  Do you know the wonder of it yet?


Friday, March 9, 2018

Hallowed darkness

After day is done...when all else is accomplished, I know exactly where to go to see His face so clearly...

Dark of night is broken by

a ceiling full of dots;
the glory of Creator God
is proven in those spots!
All around and overhead
what glory is revealed...
with each moment that would pass
one more is unconcealed!

How beautiful the living night
with nothing else around...
so wonderful, the sacred night
with hardly any sound,
save for the voice of God Most High
as He is at my side!
For even in the dark of night
with me does He abide!

Yes, even in the dark of night, God is right here.  He never leaves!  And He causes me to witness the wonder of His creation...and marvel!
Get out some time, somewhere where no other light be seen, and behold the glory of His night sky!  It is very worth the time!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Wonderful arms!

So wonderful and necessary is the escape and sanctuary that I know as JESUS!

In the open arms of Jesus,
what secure embrace!
He gives me shelter from the storm
or all else I should face!
His strength, it so restores me,
His Blood, it heals so well!
All provided in the arms
of Him Who knows me well!

So wonderful--my Savior Jesus
each and every day!
Regardless what this life may hold,
I stay the Narrow Way!
There be no safer place to be
amidst the storms of life;
for He sees me through every storm
'til gone be every strife!

'Til gone be every strife.  No matter how long the storm or situation may last, Jesus never leaves!  No matter what arises inside of the day, Jesus never fails!  He is so dependable!
Know His love in your own heart and have a friend that is closer than a brother!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

When discouraged

Situation...stress...discouragement...Jesus understands it all...even better than we do.  What He is looking for is how we react to it all.

I go to Jesus, Lord and King,
with that upon my heart.
I know He has the remedy,
and freely He'll impart!
Discouraged I, I need relief,
and He is Perfect peace;
into the arms of Jesus Christ,
this stress may I release.

What if, just if, I ask instead
what I can do for Him?
So many cry out at this time,
He answers each of them.
But just how many thank Him, asking
what He may want done?
Would that not be a truer sign
of a daughter or a son?

I know He will relieve me and
attend unto my need;
I know, of my discouragement,
The Lord will intercede;
thus I should change my heart cry unto
HIS each want and need.
In such would lie maturity
that we so dearly need.

In every situation, good or bad, there is opportunity to serve and to grow.  Yes, it is painful at times, but service in that hour brings on great growth and maturity.
Can you press through the pain, anger and stress and accomplish that which be the greater good?  It is always present, and, yes, we are able!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Joyous signs

What a glorious time of year.  All of life anew!  Just look around...

The joyous signs of spring--

the scents...the songs...the sights!
If one would only take the time,
what wonderful delights!
One more facet of the grace
in His most grand design--
that wonder drawn so long ago
that no man may define!

Define the wonder of the weather--

terrible yet grand...
define the wonder of the wildlife--
who could understand...
define the flora as it dons
its glorious attire...
define the Maker of it all?
But do not ever tire!

The joyous signs of spring

and all that it would bring.
Give glory unto God--
His Majesty applaud!

Give glory unto God!  He is the lone Creator of all that blesses and fascinates us!  Did you take time today to notice His touch where you are?  I promise, you don't have to look very far!  And don't forget to thank Him for it all!


Saturday, March 3, 2018

Eternal Promise!

This world is not our eternal home.  This is only a "proving ground" for eternity ahead.  What will your life prove?  What will your daily living prove?  Do you even think about that?

No matter what is happening
here in our daily world,
there be a Promise that is waiting
yet to be unfurled!
So many, many years ago,
'twas written and secured:
"Even so, come quickly, Lord,"
for all who have endured!

What a blessed promise, yes!
What beautiful a word!
What a wonder that His coming
soon will be occurred!
We so anticipate it, we
so yearn for that great day
when Jesus Christ will split the skies--
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

Do YOU have such yearning in
your heart and in your soul?
There is a Land of perfect where
each one will be made whole!
Each one who has His Blood inside
and His seal on their heart!
Yes, there's coming yet a Paradise
from whence we shan't depart!!

To be amongst them that go there one must be born again.  Jesus Christ made that very clear in His Word, His Living Word!  Call His Name and ask Him to dwell inside of your heart!  Confess your sins, pledge your allegiance to Him and you, too, will enjoy that Paradise forever!